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Archive of all Tweets tagged #LAK14 (courtesy of Martin Hawksey;

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Several LAK14 attendees are live blogging and/or taking notes during the conference. You can access their experiences here:

Doug Clow (total blog)
Monday 3/24 a.m. – Connecting levels of analysis part 1
Monday 3/24 p.m. – Connecting levels of analysis part 2
Tuesday 3/25 a.m. – Learning analytics and machine learning part 1
Tuesday 3/25 p.m. – Learning analytics and machine learning part 2
Wednesday 3/26 a.m. – Keynote (Graesser), Conversation w/ Art Graesser, panel on overcoming barriers to adoption
Wednesday 3/26 p.m. – Session on Alternative Analytics, Poster Session
Thursday 3/27 a.m. – Keynote (Law), Session on MOOCs, Session on identifying “at-risk” students
Thursday 3/27 p.m. – Session on Institutional Perspectives, Session on Learning Analytics & Learning Design
Friday 3/28 a.m. – Keynote (Klemmer), Session on Discourse and Argumentation, Session on Who we Are and Who we Want to be

Rebecca Ferguson
Discourse-Centric Learning Analytics preconference workshop notes

Stian Håklev

Blog and storify of the #LAKData14 workshop, courtesy of Hendrik Drachsler

Storify of the panel on Learning Analytics in the Social Media Age (pLASMA), compiled by Drew Paulin:

Proceedings for all Preconference Workshops and Tutorials for LAK14

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