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Poster and Demo Session Schedule, March 26 2014:

  • 3:00pm – 3:15pm Break
  • 3:15pm – 3:45pm Introduction by the chairs, Poster introductions (fire hose), and D2L comments
  • 3:45pm – 4:30pm Poster session
  • 4:30pm – 5:30pm Reception with poster session ongoing

Message From the Chairs

Welcome to LAK2014 Poster and Demo!

The Poster and Demo Session will take place on Wednesday March 26 20114 at the Westin Indianapolis from 3.15pm-4.30pm (Session 4: Poster Session in the Conference Programme).

A firehose session will be held during which accepted poster and demo authors will give a one minute, single slide presentation to the attendees of the conference to advertise their poster. So come and check the latest exciting work-in-progress from the LAK community!

The best Poster and Demo will be decided during the session by the partecipants so come along and have your say! The Best Poster and Demo will receive an award and will be announced in conference plenary together with Best Paper.

To give relevance to the Poster and Demo submission this year the programme committee allowed Poster and Demo papers to be published in the electronic LAK conference proceedings. They will also be included in the ACM Digital Library. Posters and Demos submissions and the awarded winners of best Poster and Demo will be also publicized on the conference Website indefinitely. Finally a Poster and Demo Reception has been sponsored by D2L to make the session even more entertaining!

We hope you will enjoy the LAK2014 Poster and Demo Session and we encourage you to submit next year!

The Poster and Demo Chairs

Anna De Liddo, The Open University, UK (
Zachary A. Pardos, University of California, Berkeley, USA (


Poster and Demo Submissions

(in alphabetic order per author name)

Rebeca Cerezo, Miguel Sanchez-Santillan, Natalia Suarez, J. Carlos Nunez. eGraph tool: graphing the learning process in LMSs. Poster Submission.


Bodong Chen. Visualizing semantic space of online discourse: The Knowledge Forum case. Poster Submission.


Xin Chen, A Social Media Analytics Framework for Understanding Students’ Learning Experiences. Doctoral Consortium Poster Submission.


Chin Hwa Kuo, Jian Wen Peng, Wen Chen Chang. HanZi Handwriting Acquisition with Automatic Feedback. Demo Submission


Farshid Marbouti. Identifying at-risk students in a First-Year Engineering Course. Doctoral Consortium Poster Submission.


Michael Marcinkowski. Data and Design in Online Education. Doctoral Consortium Poster Submission


Perry Samson. Analyzing Student Notes and Questions to Create Personalized Study Guides. Demo Submission.


Maren Scheffel. From Texts to Actions: Reflection Support for Teachers and Students by Extracting Key Actions from Usage Data. Doctoral Consortium Poster Submission


Duygu Simsek. Learning Analytics for Scaffolding Academic Writing through Automatic Identification of Meta-discourse. Doctoral Consortium Poster Submission

Poster Presenter: Duygu Simsek



Duygu Simsek, Simon Buckingham Shum, Anna De Liddo, Rebecca Ferguson, Agnes Sandor. Visual Analytics of Academic Writing. Demo Submission


Wanli Xin. Interpretable Student Performance Prediction Model to Enable Personalized Intervention in a CSCL Environment: An Exploratory Study of Activity Theory based Genetic Programming Method. Doctoral Consortium Poster Submission


John Whitmer, Eva Schiorring, Pat James. Patterns of Persistence: What Engages Students in a Remedial English Writing MOOC? Poster Submission

Poster Presenter: John Whitmer



Taeho Yu, Il-Hyun Jo. Educational Technology Approach toward Learning Analytics: Relationship between Student Online Behavior and Learning Performance in Higher Education. Poster Submission.





Vote for the Best Poster and Demo

Please come along the Poster and Demo Session and express your preference to select the best Poster and Demo.

The following flyer explains how you can vote.