LAK 2014 is seeking contributions in a wide variety of topics. The overarching topic is how data can be used to improve any aspect of a learning experience. As a guidance, the conference will consider any of the following topics (authors are strongly encouraged to read the instructions):

  • Analytic approaches, methods, and tools for sense-making in learning analytics.
  • Theories and theoretical concepts for understanding learning.
  • Measures of learning, change and success.
  • Learning activities, applications, and interventions.
  • Issues in learning analytics such as ethics, cultural transitions, capacity building, etc.

These topics can be studied in a variety of learning scenarios whether: formal or informal; face-to-face, blended, or online settings. Proposals are welcome from any various application domains be it primary and secondary schools, higher education, corporate workplace or learning in governmental, military, health or commercial situations. Focus may be on distance or graduate education, mobile and ubiquitous learning, online communities, to name a few.

View the Author Instructions page for detailed on submission types and format.